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What is iTechPoll ?

iTechPoll  is a poll application that works for live audiences using devices like phones,tablets. People participate by visiting a mobile-friendly web page for your event or presentation. Instructions are displayed on-screen. The poll that is embedded within the presentation or web page will update in real time and responses appear in form of chart (Bar, Column, Donuts, Pie).

How does it work ?

As a poll is displayed to an audience, they submit responses by visiting a specific web site that is auto generated based on presenter username.The response is displayed in real time on-screen. You can learn more on our how it works page.

How do I respond to a poll ?

There is no require to register(sign up) to respond to any poll questions.all polls presentation page will have specific instructions for how to respond. It will be display URL like on presentation page. The specific instructions will be displayed live when you get there.For more detailed information for how to respond can be found Here

What is a poll? Is it the same as a QUESTION?

Yes, a poll is a single question you are inviting your listeners or audience to interact with.

iTechPoll provide multiple choice poll lets you define a set of fixed choices that participants can choose from. Results can be displayed in different type of graphs (we provide Bar,Column,Donuts,Pie). An example of a multiple choice poll might be, "Overall, how would you rate the event??" with options like "Excellent", "Good", " Fair" and "Poor".

Presenter can display their audience's answers in real time on a projector for every participants to see, or just on a laptop in front of the presenter.

What does it mean to “Activate” a poll? Can I activate more than one poll at a time?

Most presenters want to focus on one poll question at a time with their audience. The "active poll" is the poll that's on the big screen in front of everyone.

Only one poll can be the active poll at a time. It's our way of identifying which poll you're currently presenting. A poll will automatically become the active poll anytime you present it in Power Point, or full screen mode from our website.

The active poll is the poll that is being currently displayed on their devices. You have a lot of control: You can deactivate the poll to remove it from their screens, or lock the poll so it no longer accepts responses.

For a more detailed description check out the user guide section on Activation.

How long will my polls remain unlocked? When do they auto-lock (auto-close)?

Polls are unlocked by default when you create them. You can lock a poll if you want to stop allowing responses. Lock the poll by clicking the lock icon.

Can people respond via the web?

Absolutely!  is your page on the web where an audience's smartphones, tablets, and laptops will follow along with whatever poll you have displayed within PowerPoint or currently being displayed in full screen mode from our website. You can activate the poll manually from the website or Mobile Presenter App by clicking the activate button. 

How fast do responses show up?

Typically a response will be displayed within 1-5 seconds.

How many responses per poll (which plan) do I need?

Some of our plans are based primarily on the maximum number of responses allowed per poll. Generally you should purchase a plan with an "Response Per Poll" greater than the number of people that will respond. The "Response Per Poll" is the maximum number of responses that can be received by any given poll (the number of polls you can create is unlimited).You can check Pricing Page to "Response Per Poll" details all plan wise.

How will my audience know how to respond?

The simple instructions are displayed on every Poll. We provide instructions in multiple language as well.

you can set poll instructions language in the My Settings  -> Poll setting Tab.

How do I change the look and feel of my poll ? Can I set a default template ?

When viewing a poll click the "Visual Settings" icon at the right. A section will appear with several options to change the colors, background, font sizes, logo, and more.

When you've styled one poll to look just right, you can set all future polls to default to the same style by setting it as the template poll in the My Settings -> Poll setting Tab.You can also apply its style to your existing polls.

How can I identify participants by name, or other Id?

Using screen names is the way to identify your participants. This can be done within the ‘Audience Restriction & Identity’ section when configuring your poll. By enabling ‘Screen names’, participants will be ask for a self-reported name before moving onto your poll. You will then be able to see the name associated with each response on the poll response page.

Can I register participants who don’t have email addresses?

We currently require an email address when you register.

Account Management

How do I add sub users to my account, such as other presenters or employees in my organization?

Through our Add-on-user plans, it is possible to add other presenters or employees to your account. This allows you to share the resources of a single account with many people. For instance, if you have an entire college and want to share iTechPoll with all faculty or staff, you can add them as sub users. Each plan we offer provides a maximum number of users that you may add to a single account. For adding subuser click  'Manage Account" after login on top right menu and you can Add or Buy add-on-user.

How can I cancel paid service or downgrade to the Free plan? Will I lose any data?

It's really easy -  just go to the Pricing and click "Downgrade" under the Free plan. You won't be charged again, and you will not lose any of your data, such as polls or their results.

I forgot to downgrade, but I didn't use the service. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately No. 

I am currently on a paid plan. Will I be charged the full amount if I change plans?

Upon upgrading or downgrading between paid plans, we start a new 30 day billing period for the new plan. The remaining amount of your current 30 day plan will be subtracted from the cost of the new plan. Please note that remaining amount is not refundable, when downgrading.

For example, if you're halfway into a $18 plan, and you upgrade to a $34 plan, we prorate the $18 to $9, subtract that amount from $34, and immediately bill your account $25.


What about one time events?

Even if you're only using iTechPoll for a single poll on a single day, you still have to purchase a subscription for at least 1 month (30 calendar days). When the event is over, you would downgrade back to the Free plan to prevent the automatic renewal. If the plan continues beyond 30 calendar days, you are still responsible for any account charges, even if you do not use the service. Please note that with any of our subscription plans, you must change your account back to a Free plan when you are done with it. If you do not downgrade your plan it will automatically renew for another month of service. Unused or forgotten service will not be refunded or credited.

How much does it cost?

Our initial plan is free. It allows an unlimited number of polls, and up to 20 responses per poll. The free plan includes really great features: Live PowerPoint polls, web responding,  and more. Check out our paid plans if you need advanced features or have an audience larger than 100 or equal.

If I purchase a monthly plan when does the month start and how long does it last?

Your month will start the day you sign up for paid plan, and a month of service lasts for 30 calendar days, including the day you sign up. 

Please note that with any of our subscription plans, you must change your account back to a Free plan when you are done with it. This is effectively how you cancel your monthly paid subscription. You will not lose any of your data, such as polls or their results; however, you will not be able to access your  reports, or participant data until you upgrade to a paid plan. If you do not downgrade then the account will be automatically renewed after 30 days. Unused or forgotten service will not be refunded or credited.

If someone responds to a poll, are they charged in any way by iTechPoll ?

iTechPoll does not charge anyone for responding to a poll.


Will iTechPoll work without an Internet connection?

The presenting computer must have an internet connection. Your audience will need to have a mobile phone signal to respond.

How secure are the votes? Can people cheat?

If you don't enable "As many times as they like"  under "Each person may respond" , your poll is very secure.

Is there support for OpenOffice presentations on any operating system?

We have found unofficial support of merge polls in OpenOffice. This is not officially supported by iTechPoll so we can't help you if things don't go right.

I need more technical support than I can find here. Where do I go?

If you need more technical support then send us an email.


I have another issue that the FAQ does not cover.

If you have any issue regarding anything, send us an email.

My participants can only respond once per poll. How can I allow them to respond more than once?

By default, a participant can only respond to a multiple choice poll once. We don't limit how many times participants can contribute to open response polls. You can change the settings on any poll to allow an unlimited number of responses per participant, or set the poll to allow a specific number of responses per participant.

To change the number of times a participant can respond to a poll, open the poll you would like to change. On the right, click the "Response settings" header and enter the number of times each person may respond or enable As many times as they like.

Each submitted response will count toward your response total. Therefore, if 10 people submit 4 responses each this will count as 40 responses and may go over your maximum response limit.

PowerPoint: The poll does not load after following the instructions

First, be sure you have installed the iTechPoll PowerPoint Add-In and that you're in PowerPoint's full screen presentation mode (shortcut key: F5). If you're having other difficulties, please send us an email.

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