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Response page

Some accounts will configure the appearance of their response page for the operation.The Branded Respons page lets you customize your page account branding.You can edit the color of the various page components, change the text on the wait screen and even replace your own with the iTechPoll logo on the wait screen.


Finding the Branded response page


Step 1: Click on setting icon in the upper right corner of your My Polls page, then select Branding.


Step 2: Select  Response page tab.


The content tab allows you to upload a custom logo, change the wait screen title, and even customize the content of the description.


Adding account-wide changes


Whether you are an account owner or administrator, at the bottom of both the Colors and Content pages, you can see a setting to Apply to all subusers.When you click the button, the changes you make on this screen will become the new default for all account subusers.

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