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Anonymous responses

Anonymous can give significant knowledge and encourage troublesome or delicate conversations. Secrecy permits members to respond to your polls/surveys while never uncovering their identities to yourself or different members, regardless of whether they are registered with your account.

There are two different ways to permit your members to respond while ensuring their personalities. The first is to not request members to make screen names and to have the framework auto-produce IDs. This strategy will secure the personalities of those responding yet at the same time permit you to assemble information for reporting purposes and correspond reactions over numerous inquiries. The subsequent technique is to set up a movement to be totally anonymous. This additionally secures crowd part's personalities, yet in addition limits reporting choices.


Hiding Screen Names


Use the following steps to keep participants screen names secret but still be able to track responses.

Sign into your iTechPoll account, click your settings symbol in the upper right corner of your My Polls page, at that point select My settings. Select the Poll settings tab and ensure "Do not ask participants to enter screen names (auto-generated IDs will be used to track responses) " is chosen and snap the Save button at the base.

Now, when you present your activities, participants screen names won't be shown and you will have the option to gather important response information for your reports.

Completely anonymous

If you don’t care about reporting you can set an activity responses to be completely anonymous.

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