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Create an poll

An iTechPoll poll  is a single question you present to your audience which allow presenters to gather responses or questions from the audience. 


Step 1. To Create a Poll (Question), tap the Create button at the top left of menu.



Step 2. Tap on the Poll Types you would like to create for the audience. You can choose from Multiple choice, Open-ended, Q&A, Fill in the blanks, Ranking, Survey etc.



Step 3. For ex. You have selected "Multiple choice".  Now enter your question. 



Step 4. Once you enter your question, enter the response options you want the audience to select from.

     To add more response options, click  the Add Option button on the far right of the option after which you wish to add new options.

    To delete options, click  the Trash icon on the far right of the option you wish to delete.

    To rearrange the order of the options, click  Move icon and drag your options up or down. 

    With Multiple choice polls, you can use images as your response options by uploading one from your computer by clicking on the   Image icon. 

     You can designate correct response(s) to a Multiple choice poll. Click  set as Correct icon on the far right of the correct response option(s). A correct response will be highlighted with green tickmark, when you reveal correctness on the poll chart by checking Show Correct. You can set as many correct responses as you wish.



Step 5. Click the Save button to create your poll and save it to your account

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