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Poll pages

   Poll List

    All polls created by you will be displayed right here on your poll list. The poll list shows group wise polls.

    When you click on filter option a list will be displayed.



   Filter option is provide to select polls according to options like All,None,Locked,Unlocked and Collapse all.




   You can sort your poll list according to name and date when poll was created.



   You can select any poll by clicking on checkbox left at poll to perform any activity on that poll.




   After selecting poll you can create a new group by clicking on Group button and add selected poll to new group.

   You can move poll in an existing group by Move button.

   Likewise other activities will be performed similarly by clicking on particular button.




  After clicking on an poll (question) this Poll page will be displayed

  The poll is what you see when you present your question. Live responses will be displayed in real time right here on your poll.

  The majority of the poll slide is reserved for your responses, but you will notice a number of tools around the area of the slide

   like Activate,Lock,Show Correct,Show Result and Full Screen.

   When you select Activate the poll will be activated for audience.



  Visual Settings

   This button opens the Visual settings menu that you can use to customize your poll.

   There are many options to ensure your poll matches your presentation. 


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