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Open-ended question

The Open-ended type of activity allows the audience to respond with a written answer to the question. As with activities of multiple choices, open-ended questions may receive answers via the web.

Setting visualization type

After creating your open-ended activity, click the Visual settings button then select the visualization you’d like.

The Visual Settings of your activity allow you to freely move between the different response visualizations.

Visualization types

Word cloud

This is a fun way of presenting responses. The word cloud will build and change as audience responses repeat in real time. In the middle of the word cloud the most frequent responses will appear large.

Text wall

The text wall is perfect for allowing all sorts of open-ended responses. New submissions from participants should appear at the top of the activity, one at a time. Older responses will be forced down as more answers come in. Responses to the word wall may have a maximum length of 500 characters.



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