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Surveys allow you to ask several questions on your participants at once. All can answer the questions at their own pace, privately. They're perfect for quizzes, tests of pre- and post-training, questionnaires etc. Surveys can be enabled and shown on your response page at, shared with a similar connection, or even used during a presentation.


Creating a survey

Step 1: Tap the red Create button near the top left of your Polls page.(Alternately you can click the + Create in the top left corner from any page in your iTechPoll account. Both are highlighted in the image below.)


Step 2: Select Survey from the list of activities.

Step 3: Give your survey a title.

Step 4: Use the drop-down menu to pick the activity category that you wish to include in your survey.

Step 5: Continue the process, adding as many questions as you wish.


Step 6: When you’re ready, click the Save & Continue or Save button to build your activity and save it to your account.

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